Modern Women

It’s never easy to be a modern woman maintaining their work-life balance. Splitting 24 hours to work, travelling, dining and resting time, yet spending extra hours to work out and beauty... thinking that’s all? Housework and your family/children are awaiting you home after work... How would you balance your life all you ladies out there?


現代女性,要事業愛情兩得意真不容易。每天24小時,8-10工作,2小時打扮梳洗,2小時撘車食飯,7-8睡眠,還得花時間做運動美容; 星期六日都就疲累到什麼都不想做,放工還要忙拍拖處理家務或照顧小孩,為愛的人付出時間遷就,妳..又怎樣平衡取捨呢?

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