Eco Fashion

These days we often live in a wasteful society, we end up disposing a lot of unwanted clothes and fabrics from our closet even though they are perfectly wearable. What can we do to save our beautiful planet? Every little step could help,

Few simple solutions are:

1. recycle, resell and exchange the clothes 
2. Upcycle them
3. Buy garments with higher quality that are more sustainable 
4. Take good care of your garments. Learn the best way of how to wash and care different garments 
Results could be beyond your imagination.

Let’s be environmental friendly & minimal. 
Support sustainability fashion.



1. 回收,轉售和交換衣服
2. 循環使用
3. 購買可持續服裝
4. 了解如何清洗和護理不同服裝的最佳方式

Start looking for sustainable clothes? 
There you go..


Cotton 100% Asymmetric Top…/produ…/copy-of-asymmetric-top

Cotton x linen Buttoned Sleeve Shirt…/copy-of-buttoned-sleeve-shirt

Cotton x silk Shirt Dress…/copy-of-see-through-skirt-bl…

Washing method for our pieces:
1. Cold hand wash
2. NO dry clean 
3. Steam or iron with slightly higher temperature 
4. Of course wash with light colour garments

1. 冷水手洗
2. 避免乾洗
3. 當使用蒸汽熨斗時調高溫度
4. 與淺色服裝洗滌