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Symbol of status | Styles of collars

Collars of shirt represented our social status. White collar used to characterise the classes of workers, labelled the highly professional and successful careers. Blue collar was related to manual work, particularly in industry. 



Seriously? Who cares about the colour status when we buy a shirt?


Here are few typical collars of the shirt on trend :



衣領象徵 | 風格


以前襯衫領子代表了我們的社會地位。 白領被用來描繪階級的特徵,標誌著高度專業和成功的職業生涯。 藍領代表工作在工業領域。






Classic Button-down | white shirt story

English businesswoman, fashion designer, model, and singer Victoria Beckham proves why a white shirt is an essential style. It is all about fashionable and elegant looks. Buttoned up to the neck, the white shirt gave her outfit a modern look. White shirt adapts to whatever you pair it with: jeans and sneakers, a suit. Stay Incredibly versatile, but always stylish.

“I never try to follow a trend or fashion” Victoria Beckham


英國女商人,時裝設計師,模特和歌手維多利亞貝克漢姆説明了為什麼白襯衫是必不可少的風格。簡潔既優雅的白襯衫加添一份時尚感。 白色襯衫適合任何搭配:牛仔褲和運動鞋,西裝。 舒服百搭,總是經典不過時。


Here's where to find a white shirt...

Unfold 經典白襯衫回來了!


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Eco Fashion

These days we often live in a wasteful society, we end up disposing a lot of unwanted clothes and fabrics from our closet even though they are perfectly wearable. What can we do to save our beautiful planet? Every little step could help,

Few simple solutions are:

1. recycle, resell and exchange the clothes 
2. Upcycle them
3. Buy garments with higher quality that are more sustainable 
4. Take good care of your garments. Learn the best way of how to wash and care different garments 
Results could be beyond your imagination.

Let’s be...

Women’s white shirt | A status symbol

Like the jeans and sneakers, we all have white shirts in our wardrobes for school/work/occasions etc. Back in the era…were white shirts for women? The influences can be traced back to the menswear, white shirt stands for the symbol of wealth, distinction and a powerful emblem of sobriety and uniformity. All these masculine words could be more like describing nowadays women.

Evolved the menswear DNA, the white shirt could be a little classy, a little boyish even a little relax but stay classic in a feminine way.

“When in doubt,...